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We at Absolutely Permanent Hair Removal strive to continually define "Permanent" as what the word originally means – TRULY PERMANENT. According to Webster's College Dictionary, the first definition that appears under "Permanent" is the following: existing perpetually, long lasting.

Today the word "Permanent" however, has taken on a meaning other than and less than Permanent; so that when we see advertisements with the word "Permanent" we have to stop and think about what the advertisers really mean. Do they mean permanent reduction? Do they mean permanent for 3 months or for one year? … Or, Do they mean Permanent at all?!!

The following three questions with their answers will help you define "Permanent." This information and much more is available at your fingertips by connecting to the American Electrology Association's website: electrology.com.

What is Electrology?

Electrology is the Science of permanent hair removal. Using state-of-the-art technology, a minute (my-noot) amount of electricity is gently applied to the base of the hair follicle. This process destroys the hair growth tissue. Therefore, the regenerative ability of the hair follicle is permanently eliminated.

Medical electrolysis devices destroy the hair growth cells with chemical or heat energy. All modalities equally destroy hair growth cells that are the cause of all hair growth, whether excessive or not. The modality used is determined by the professional Electrologist.

Why Should I choose Electrolysis over other hair removal methods?

Electrolysis is the only true permanent hair removal method and the only permanent treatment recognized by the FDA.

Why should I choose Electrolysis over other temporary methods like laser and waxing?

Unlike other hair removal options, professionally performed Electrolysis eliminates unwanted hair, permanently with unsurpassed results. Moreover, it does so for the largest variety of skin and hair types. Laser promoters compare laser to electrolysis, although laser assisted hair removal is considered a temporary method. And, it has not been evaluated for long-term safety of the patient's skin and health.

Note: I have referred some clients to laser clinics. All forms of hair removal, whether permanent or temporary, have their benefits. Additionally, some persons are OK with temporary results or permanent reduction of their hair. It has been my experience, however, that most are not well-informed consumers of these services. I strongly recommend that you do careful research. You will find that it is proven that Laser assisted hair removal is NOT for all skin types, skin colors, or hair colors, and may not necessarily be permanent; whereas the effectiveness and permanency of Electrolysis has been consistently well documented in major medical journals as relates to the above-mentioned particulars. I believe that an informed consumer of services is the best client one can have. Before committing thousands of dollars, I advise everyone to get the facts. In matters of finances and sharing factual information, honesty and trustworthiness are my policy.

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