You have made my electrolysis treatments more bearable. You have been understanding and dedicated. I appreciate how meticulous you are. I feel more confident on a daily basis. I don't worry about anyone noticing my dark facial hairs. I think your prices are affordable and your office hours very flexible.

JW – Shelton, CT

I can't praise my experience enough! I wasn't sure what to expect, but working with Marta made it that much more pleasant. She makes an otherwise uncomfortable experience bearable. Marta was always accommodating, when I needed it. The office is nicely decorated and very clean. The prices are very reasonable. I feel more confident and no longer have to worry about unsightly facial/chin hair.

EG – Ansonia, CT

My experience has been nothing short of excellent. The professionalism and positive results are simply priceless. It has impacted my life in ways beyond words. It has "liberated" me from daily visits to the mirror, not to mention, traveling without the needed assistance of tweezers, and no wasted time looking for annoying and horrendous facial hair. Yuck! Extremely reasonable and worth every dime spent. Without a doubt, Marta will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs. Not only does Marta provide a brilliant service, but she became a friend and treats each and every client with the utmost respect and dignity. Double thumbs up to you Marta! Peace.

MR – Easton, CT

No pain and a much easier process than I imagined it would be. I have very course hair, so it took some time for me to really notice the change. But… when I noticed, I was amazed at the difference. I don't have to worry about plucking it all anymore.

PR – New Haven, CT

I felt more and more like a woman every time I left your office. Excellent client care and great manners and client attention. Highly professional. Marta does not settle for mediocrity. Keep up the great work. You make me feel like a Woman!

GR – Derby, CT




I feel very comfortable and at ease with you. I feel more self-confident, and I don't always think that people are staring at me. Your prices are reasonable and your office hours are flexible. I love Electrolysis and I love you!

MK – Shelton, CT

My experience was AWESOME! Got amazing results very fast! And I found a new friend. I love it ? no more plucking big black hairs that made me feel ugly. I was a little afraid at first, when I found out it wasn't a one-time process, but it was well worth it. Marta, I wish you the best in life. You are a remarkable woman!

MF – Shelton, CT

My experience, so far has been great! I've not experience any scars or swelling. No major discomfort during the sessions.

MP – Milford, CT

My experience with Electrology has been great. I now keep my chin up when I talk to others without having to worry that they are looking at the hair all over my face. I have increased self confidence and have a positive image of myself. Prices for sessions are very reasonable for me, and the office hours very flexible.

RM – Bridgeport, CT

My experience with Electrolysis has been extremely enjoyable. Marta, you are always on time and very thorough. Electrolysis has changed my life. I used to spend 20 to 30 minutes a day tweezing and was always concerned that I couldn't get rid of all the hair. I was also extremely self-conscious. The prices are very reasonable. Office hours are flexible and I am not. I only have 1 day a week to spare and I have no trouble scheduling an appointment. Everything is great. Fees are reasonable and Marta is very sweet and extremely professional. I'm so glad I decided to do this for myself. It is so worth it!

SG – Ansonia, CT

On the first visit I was apprehensive and didn't know what to expect. But Marta explained the process and treated me so well that I was impressed. Since then, on every visit Marta is welcoming, friendly and warm. The experience couldn't be better. This has given me a very positive self-image. It is a better, more effective and long lasting procedure than waxes and creams I've tried before. The rates are reasonable.

MH – Ansonia, CT