Why Absolutely Permanent Hair Removal, LLC?

Since 2002 Absolutely Permanent Hair Removal has catered to women who have suffered from the embarrassing condition of excessive hairiness on the face, mainly – but other body parts as well.

Women of various ethnicities – White, Black, Hispanic, Hindu Women, Women from Russia, Albania, South America – have found relief to this stress-producing life situation. You will find some of their positive experiences under Testimonials as you browse through this website.



We respect the privacy and dignity of each client. Therefore, our offices offer the utmost private and confidential setting needed for women who for the first time decide to investigate the various options for permanently removing their unwanted body and facial hair.



"Professional" for Absolutely Permanent Hair Removal is like a garment that one wears – A personality trait that allows the service seeker to feel perfectly comfortable, at ease, and in control. An environment where they can speak honestly, knowing they will be given the facts, the truth, and the trust needed for them to go home as informed consumers of the service we provide.



This is the word most used by clients of Absolutely Permanent Hair Removal. Electrolysis is a very personal and close-up procedure that requires gentleness. The face, which is the most popular treatment area for permanent hair removal, must be treated delicately. "The Face Is The Mirror Of Life – Life is Sacred so let's treat the mirror gently" – Owner of Absolutely Permanent Hair Removal.


Trust and Integrity is the trademark of Absolutely Permanent Hair Removal. "Results" is our Product.


5 Min Session $25
10 Minutes $30
15 Minutes $35
20 Minutes $45
30 Minutes $53
45 Minutes $70
1 Hour Session $80
Over Minutes $2/min

Did You Know?

Did you know that Dermatologists and Laser Assisted Hair Removal Professionals recommend Electrolysis to women with excessive Blond, Grey or Red hair for permanent Hair Removal because laser technology cannot permanently remove these hairs? Please do your research before committing financially!