Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal

I am a 20+ year Licensed Electrologist in Connecticut and I’ve come to realize there exists much misinformation and confusion between Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal and Laser Hair Removal. As a practicing Electrologist in Connecticut for more than 20 years, I have provided amazing results to women of all ages, colors, nationalities and ethnicities, and I LOVE my work!!

In this article I hope to clear up some of the confusion you may have so you can make an informed decision to permanently remove your stubborn, excessive facial and body hair. I believe that Laser hair removal is fantastic; and Electrolysis hair removal is amazing! I like to call them the BEST of both worlds. However, you may not be a good candidate for one or the other.

I googled “the difference between Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal” to assist me in my search for clarity. Main Street Cosmetic & Skin, stated:

“Today’s most popular hair removal options include waxing, threading, shaving and electrolysis with laser hair removal the only one able to reduce hair on a permanent basis.”

The highlighted phrase is totally incorrect, misleading, and confusing. It should read, “with Electrolysis being the only FDA approved technology to remove hair permanently, and Laser Hair Removal, approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction.” (Let me be clear, Laser Hair Removal is the most popular, but it is not the most effective. Many women come into my practice after having had laser hair removal that worked only partially).

The reason I rewrote the above phrase as such, is that there’s a huge difference between permanent hair removal and permanent hair reduction. They are both amazing, yes, but there is a difference, and the  difference depends on hair color, hair type, and skin color. Most people don’t know that laser hair removal cannot remove gray hair, blond, red, or very fine hair. It may also surprise you to know that Laser hair removal does not work well on very dark brown skin, contrary to what they tell the darker skin consumer. It only works partially.

Allure.com, under the subheading “Results you can expect from Electrolysis, stated,

“Electrolysis is considered a more permanent solution than laser hair removal (it stops hair growth completely while laser hair removal slows and reduces hair growth), but it requires more individual sessions (closer to 14), and the sessions can take longer. You might not see full results for nearly 18 months.”

While this paragraph is more accurate than the previous one, I would rewrite it as follows:

“Electrolysis is considered a more permanent solution than laser hair removal (it stops hair growth completely while laser hair removal slows and reduces hair growth). But, depending on your hair type, hair color, and skin color, it may require additional sessions. With Electrolysis, you may see results right from the start. For example, less hair regrowth, hair regrowing thinner than previous sessions, and less treatment time. (Instead of half an hour, you may only need 20 or 15 minutes). I usually tell my clients to expect 18 to 24 months overall treatment time. I also explain that in the beginning you come in more frequently, and as treatment progresses you come in less frequently. And, you may start with longer periods of time, but as the treatment progresses, you come in for shorter periods of time. I hope this article clears up any misconception and confusion you may have. For more information please feel free to schedule a free Zoom consultation, or call us at 203-913-1189

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